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Learning and teaching at BG体育平台网站

At BG体育平台网站, our goal is to provide quality learning experiences that challenge and engage our students and prepare them to live and work in a changing world.

To do this, the curriculum is designed to be:

These principles are evidenced in innovative and authentic learning experiences that meet sector standards and industry expectations. In addition, BG体育平台网站 has Graduate Attributes 它们嵌入并构成了南加州大学所有课程和项目的学习成果.

New learning and teaching model

From Semester 1, 2022, BG体育平台网站 will no longer deliver traditional lectures either on campus or in person. These are being replaced with a mix of in person seminars 对于希望参加的学生,支持交互式在线学习材料. 如您对这种学习和教学模式有任何疑问,请参阅以下常见问题解答.

Watch this Q&了解更多BG体育学习材料,新的LMS (Canvas)和IT支持.

Watch this Q&更多地了解BG体育的面对面校园和金融投资.

Watch this Q&A了解更多BG体育南加州大学学习和教学模式的预期变化和持续改进.

Frequently asked questions


大学将采用更多的教学模式,以提高课堂的影响力, offering students access to a range of materials that are relevant and more meaningful to conveying the learning outcomes than the traditional one-way lecture.

This may include podcasts, interviews, simulations, screencasts, recorded discussions and formative quizzes, along with some lectures and seminars, 但这将取决于每门课程的学习结果.

Is face-to-face teaching continuing?

Yes. 面对面的学习和教学仍然保留了很多,因为它目前是在传统的讲座之外提供的, 在可能的情况下,还引入了更多的校园参与机会, such as seminars. 这些课程的目的是为了在教学阶段的战略点上让所有学员都能参与到互动中来.

We have taken the best from what we’ve learned during the pandemic and are providing what we believe students have asked for in terms of flexibility and learning opportunities. BG体育相信,在新模式下,学生将获得更好的学习机会.

What system chnages will occur to support this new model?

From 2022, BG体育平台网站 will replace Blackboard with a new learning management system (LMS) called Canvas. Canvas has a great user-friendly, intuitive and accessible interface. 本学期已经在15门课程中试行,学生和教职员工的反馈都非常积极.

The new LMS supports the learning and teaching model to enhance face-to-face teaching and promote active and collaborative learning across all delivery modes. Canvas also introduces a range of features that will help staff to become more innovative in their teaching now and into the future. BG体育非常高兴能在2022年第一学期之前向所有学生推出这项服务.

We are also exploring a Student Portal project which we hope to deliver in 2022 that will further enhance your learning experience by providing an engaging student experience with a single point of access and hub to all student systems, information, and personalised content.

Many students are confused about what these changes mean to them. 这是否意味着在学期中减少多达13 x 2小时的接触时间?

BG体育并不打算用学习材料来代替与教师的接触时间. BG体育平台网站 is implementing its new Learning and Teaching model from 2022, 这意味着学习的方式将会发生一些变化.

BG体育平台网站 remains a predominantly face-to-face university that offers exceptional on-campus learning experiences paired with learning materials relevant to each individual course requirements. The aim is to enrich the learning experience, encourage greater student engagement, 并进一步加强面对面的接触,这将通过教程继续发生, practicals, lab work, whole of cohort seminars and one-on-one or group consultations.

Our new approach to providing learning material to students will move away from the traditional one-way lecture being the main process for delivering course information. There may still be some lectures and the introduction of seminars that are designed to be more interactive than lectures – but teaching staff will also be able to use other relevant content, or materials, to deliver key learning outcomes. The combination of these will make up the time usually required for a lecture and will aim to boost student engagement when you attend tutorials and other face-to-face activities on campus.

What does this mean for the student learning experience?

这些变化是南加州大学持续努力进一步提高教学质量的一部分, 连续16年获得年度优秀大学指南5颗星的大学. Lectures can be poorly attended and this is further reinforced through the findings of the recent student survey where only 20% of students indicated a preference for face to face lectures – most students indicate they prefer a blended learning experience, which is what we will be delivering.

The new delivery model – which will have a strong focus on enriching the student experience – will also help ensure that we provide equitable access to learning materials.

Is this a one size fits all model or is it a flexible model?

BG体育平台网站’s move away from traditional style lectures has been made in recognition of the fact that you can no longer have a “one-size-fits-all” approach to learning and teaching. 新的方法将使学者提供更相关和更有意义的学习材料, and that provide for greater flexibility for students.

All tutorials and practical classes, from Moot courts to fieldwork, 实验室和实践课程本质上是同步的,对学生来说是高度互动的体验. 这些对于学习结果来说仍然很重要,对于BG体育的参与体验也非常重要. Importantly, 那些有外部认证的课程将继续提供符合这些要求的课程.

许多学生觉得他们对大学学位的HECS和经济承诺被稀释了. Is this a BG体育平台网站 money-saving exercise?

引入这些变化是为了提高学生的学习体验, not as a money-saving exercise. 南加州大学已经为这种新方法投资培训其学者和系统. 教师将以更有意义的方式进行互动,学生可能会觉得更有趣、更吸引人. BG体育的学者是高技能的,并期待着提高学生的学习方式.

Face-to-face teaching retains a firm place in BG体育平台网站's ethos. 实践课程将在校园进行,除非专门设计为在线教学. BG体育理解学生喜欢面对面的互动和学习, and it is great to see our campuses thriving again.

Many students are disappointed to hear that BG体育平台网站 had already made changes to the study mode without hearing feedback in the recent survey.

BG体育会回应学生通过学生会调查收集到的学生反馈, 这让BG体育对学生们对未来变化的感受有了一些深刻的了解. Ongoing student feedback provides us with the information we need to continually improve students’ teaching and learning experiences, so will review how these changes are received during 2022, then make further changes and improvements as necessary.

What have these changes been based on?

The development of the Learning and Teaching model was made based on student feedback to the way program information has been delivered over the past two years.

We received strong, positive feedback from students throughout the pandemic about how we have been delivering our programs - 86% of respondents stated that they liked or really liked the new approaches.


Students told us in their course evaluation surveys that they particularly like the flexibility of blended learning (a combination of online and on-campus study activities) as it allows them to combine learning with their work and family responsibilities.

Some of our largest and most successful programs, such as Nursing Science, have already successfully transitioned to this approach.

We are taking the best of what we’ve learned during the pandemic to provide students with what they have asked for via their course evaluations and will continuously seek and adapt our delivery based on student feedback.

What plans does BG体育平台网站 have to make sure the quality of the learning experience is maintained and students are engaged with the content in this new model?

所有的材料和数字体验都应该被设计成具有包容性和可访问性. If students cannot access any of the learning materials provided, 我首先会鼓励他们让他们的课程协调员知道,以便更新材料,以符合, if needed, register with the AccessAbility team to ensure they have access to any reasonable adjustments required to support their learning.

It is important that feedback on the quality of learning content is included in the course evaluations all students are invited to complete. This ensures regular review and feedback of teaching materials is highlighted to the program and course coordinators to address.


Another benefit of the new LMS, Canvas, is the 24/7 support channels for students, including online chat and phone as well as extensive Canvas community guides that take you through everything from accessing announcements, submitting assignments, getting the most out of your calendar and so much more. BG体育平台网站 IT Services will continue to support students whose technical issues cannot be resolved through the 24/7 support channels. 如果有任何技术问题,可能会影响学生赶上最后期限, 请务必截屏并在截止日期前发邮件通知课程协调员.

南加州大学将如何鼓励学生继续参与BG体育, find new connections and remain motivated?

BG体育平台网站 continues to remain predominantly face-to-face and there will be plenty of opportunities for students to attend tutorials, workshops, labs, practicals and seminars and take part in the activities that they value. BG体育继续在所有校园举办定期活动和活动,为关键的约会提供支持, 与服务机构和同行BG体育平台网站,并认可全国性的表彰日. 南加州大学的学生支持服务继续提供面对面的服务,现在是在线服务, 为了迎合那些只在网上学习的学生,并为学生提供更多的灵活性.